ed2kmet by Le Chat - Current version is 1.39 - July 12th 2005


There are some tools out there to fix corruptions, generate hashes, etc. But I wanted to create my own tool with the following objectives:

So, what can it do?

Well, it can do anything I could think of. Here's an overview.

Recovering from corruption

Manage entries in *.part.met files and known.met files

Hashes files, generates lists.

Extract ed2k URLs and schedule downloads

Where to get it?



Typically, install ed2kmet.exe (and cygwin1.dll, if your don't have it) in your c:\winnt or c:\windows directory. Alternatively, put it in a directory that is listed in your %PATH% environment variable.

Examples to recover corruption

I downloaded a file but it says it's "Corrupted". What do I do ?

  1. Stop eDonkey2000 (or Overnet)
  2. Open a command window in your temp dir and type "ed2kmet -f file" where "file" is the corrupted download
  3. ed2kmet will tell you if the file is valid. If not, it will regenerate a n.part.met . Simply rename your file to n.part and restart the Donkey

My download is 500M. Donkey says it has already transferred 520M and the download is not yet complete.

  1. Stop the donkey
  2. run "ed2kmet -f *.part" in your tempdir or simply "ed2kmet -fa". Tip: add option -v or -vv to spy on what ed2kmet does
  3. Restart the donkey

I lost all my *.part.met after a crash/reboot. Help!

  1. Stop the donkey
  2. run "ed2kmet -fa".
  3. Restart the donkey

My download is corrupted/I lost my *.part.met files/etc.
I'm running Overnet. ed2kmet says it can't find valid hashes.

  1. Don't panic. Locate the n.part partial download
  2. Start Overnet. Search for your file and restart a new download
  3. Wait for at least 10-20K to be downloaded and stop Overnet
  4. Locate the m.part.met that resulted for the new download
  5. Run "ed2kmet -l -k m.part.met" and make sure it says the hashes are valid
  6. Run "ed2kmet -m m.part.met" then "ed2kmet -f n.part", or
    Run "ed2kmet -k m.part.met -f n.part".
  7. Delete m.part.met and m.part

Other examples to follow.